Here are some of our most often asked questions.  Do you have one for us to share the answers to?

What if we are not members of a church?

That is okay!  We serve all without exception.  our job is to serve, not recruit!

We live in Iowa, can you help?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries.

We are Christian, can you help?

Yes!  Let us help you plan a non-denominational ceremony.  We are happy to add elements of your particular faith tradition, cultural or ethnic tradition.

Do you have space our ceremony?

Perhaps!  Depending on the setup (the number of chairs, and tables) our event chapel can host events from 7 to 75.  Located at 96th and J Streets Omaha.

What if we want a non-religious ceremony?

We can help.  We provide services for many each year who are humanist, atheist, non-theist, or simply do not have a religious based belief.  We serve all without exception.